Cultural & social commitment

We are committed!

For many years we have been supporting organisations and projects of social and cultural character. We donate 10-15 % of our annual profit to such causes.

We see this commitment in the context of the Schützen business policy and as part of our social responsibility to the community, which are additionally met in such way. Meanwhile, we are often made aware of meaningful projects both in Switzerland and abroad and asked for our help. By supporting these projects, we constantly anchor the concept of social responsibility in our company.

Our concept allows people with disabilities, teenagers with difficult adolescent behaviours or graduates without further education to enter the job market within our own organisation. We offer internships in various professional fields and provide a qualified teacher to close knowledge gaps, if necessary.

Outside of our company, we support social and cultural projects, of which we know the people in need are directly benefiting from it. As a general rule the implementation of our projects are taken care of by persons we personally know.

Workplace health prevention is in place for all employees of the hotel sector. Health prevention for all employees and to further improve the quality of jobs is the main goal of the programme "Schützen in motion".

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