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Aussenansicht 1
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Aussenansicht 2
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Junior Suite
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Grandlit Zimmer
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Jugendstilsaal 1. OG
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Seminarraum Galeriezimmer
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Seminarraum Verandazimmer
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Seminarraum Eckzimmer
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Restaurant Schuetzen beim Cheminee 1
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Restaurant Schuetzen beim Cheminee 2
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Restaurant Schuetzen beim Fenster
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Restaurant Schuetzen Gartenterrasse
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Restaurant Schuetzen Salon
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Terms of use

The photographic material provided here is only available free for editorial purposes in relation to Hotel Schützen Rheinfelden. Please note the following directives for the use of image material: Media partners (newspapers, magazines, TV stations, news portals etc.) may publish images which they have obtained here free of charge in the editorial section of their medium.

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If you are uncertain regarding usage rights, please contact us at:

Hotel Schützen Rheinfelden
Bahnhofstrasse 19
CH-4310 Rheinfelden
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